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Warning Signs Over Old Siam

22nd April 2011

Tony supports imprisonment of decades for criticizing leaders 

(Thai) Land Destroyer continues to write deceptively on Thailand. It has become clear that there is a high probability they are an American intelligence outfit based in Thailand, the hub of South east Asia, most probably funded and supported by elements of the current regime. A high proportion of their reports provide accurate information on geopolitics in other parts of the world. This gives them legitimacy and allows them to be published on popular and genuine news websites such as and . It is with this legitimacy that they can then slip their anti-democratic propaganda against Thais who are calling for an end to coups and military rule.

In their latest attack, 'Warning Signs Over Old Siam ', written in response to 'Tony Cartalucci; The Nail in the Coffin?', they have been forced to address Article 112 and the massacre of last year. In it they defend Article 112 and state their belief that it is justified for a government to use it's military against it's own people. They were also forced to cover the numbers of people killed last year and, unsurprisingly, try to absolve the Thai military of any involvement in the deaths. They also continue their insults against the impoverished people of Northern Thailand.

As the hub of South East Asia, Thailand is of enormous strategic importance for the Anglo-American Empire as it tries to encircle Russia and China. It should, therefore, be no surprise that Anglo-American operatives are currently engaged in a somewhat sophisticated information war on Thailand.

You may also be interested in America's official view of the Thai population courtesy of Webster Tarply and his analysis of declassified documents;

“Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for US ... Interests,” 1974 ... effort by Kissinger and ... General Scowcroft provided a hit list of 13 countries for which they posited a “special US political and strategic interest” in population reduction or limitation. The list included ... Thailand ... Demographic growth ... was to be halted and ... reversed ... [as it] represented increased ... power for [Thailand]
23rd April 2011 

Weapons to be used against Kith and Kin again?
Tony states in 'Warning Signs over Old Siam';
"Another possible answer becomes apparent when delving into the military's "political opponents" which the WSJ article only eludes to."
Can you imagine an American defending the military being involved in politics in America? Surely, such a person would be slated across the full spectrum of American politics.
"there was a social component to Thaksin's activities aimed at not only undermining Thailand's establishment and culture, but entirely replacing it. This became more than evident after his ousting in 2006 when his red movement's official publications began frequently featuring stories of various historical monarchies being deposed and replaced by alternative systems of governance. Monarchies frequently featured within these publications include the ... It should be noted that each was replaced by a despotic system in many ways more tyrannical than the systems they sought to replace"
 I guess Tony would have liked America to remain under the rule of the British. If he hates republicanism so much, what would he like to see in America? King Obama?
"it is quite clear that the Thai military's recent show of strength is not merely attempting to use lese-majeste law to pressure their political opposition. They are responding to a foreign funded, globalist influenced, concerted attempt to remove entirely Thailand's laws, institutions, economic foundation, and even its history and culture."
If this is so, it should be very easy to find a quote from the army saying it is fighting a globalist plot to destroy the nation. I can't seem to find one. Is Tony just putting words in the mouth of the military which is on Thai TV more than the Prime Minister?
"Ensuing battles would kill 7 soldiers in an April 10, 2010 ambush, and ultimately 84 other people through a combination of gun battles, arson, and grenade attacks over the following weeks. However, despite the chaos and widespread damage caused by this second attempted "people's revolution," Thai troops were again able to restore order. While Thailand's 70 million people cringe in anticipation for a third round, recent military exercises may have been a show of readiness and willingness to do their job again."
Innocent bystanders, nurses, foreign journalists and many unarmed protesters are only 'other people'? Killed by?  The Reds? The military is ready to do it's job again? 
Would any American really believe the job of a military was to fight it's political opposition, it's own fellow citizens/subjects? Surely, such a person would be slated across the full spectrum of American politics.
"armies of faithful devotees ... peddling the empty dream of international democracy" 
I guess Tony thinks people should just accept the very full nightmare of dictatorship.
"Thais have a ... skepticism and distaste towards the circus that is modern "democracy." "
Have you got a poll on that Tony? Or is it just the nationalists that pay you? Nationalists who drop cluster bombs on Cambodia in a completely unnecessary war?
Now, I know why Tony is in Thailand. His beliefs are so anti-American his fellow countrymen can't abide his insane proselytizing.

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