Sunday, 1 May 2011

Coming Elections

The anti-election advocates [Yellow Shirts / PAD / Sondhi / Chamlong] seem to envision some kind of national government that would clean up Thai politics and restore order to the country. Visions of Nazi Germany and the "Burmese Way to Socialism" come to my mind.

With the present degree of political activism and political polarisation in Thai society, if these advocates have their way, the consequences to our country will be absolutely devastating.

We will be facing disturbances and civil war similar to what is happening in Libya, political genocide, isolation from the international community, economic and social disaster.


Members of the public of all political colours who support the democratic system (I'm sure this is the overwhelming majority) need to voice strong support for free and fair elections.

For the elections, we will need effective monitoring mechanisms. In this respect it is absolutely absurd to reject impartial international observers.

Instead, we need to request as much quality assistance as possible from the international community.

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